Third Millennia Presents:


introducing Ocuver: a bold venture to remove
fear, uncertainty, and doubt in cultural markets

Shatner collectibles: live on Ethereum!

Third Millennia have released a unique set of NFTs that are bound to real physical collectables belonging to William Shatner, some of which he has signed. All items have had their authenticity checked before being securely vaulted, and are backed by Asset Passports & insurance warranties powered by Mattereum as described below. Get them NOW from OpenSea.

Read William Shatner’s tweet and press release. Coverage by: Daily Star Trek News, Cointelegraph, GC Trading (French), Crypto Noticias (Spanish). Join the conversation on Reddit.


The high cost of uncertainty

Both primary and secondary markets of physical goods are plagued by counterfeiting, to the detriment of trust, health, and safety.

According to a 2016 study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the total global trade in counterfeit goods reached $4.5 trillion, with current estimates around half a trillion each year.

While luxury goods account for 60-70% of this, other categories of note range from entertainment to pharmaceuticals.

The costs here go far beyond price distortions and duped consumers. Defective machine parts, counterfeit drugs, and horrific labor practices, for example, can lead to loss of life that can’t be measured or redeemed.

What’s needed is a global, credibly-neutral system for securing product information along the object lifecycle. WE NEED TO SEE THE TRUTH OF THINGS.

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

– Carl Sagan


Oculus veritas: “the eye of truth”

With blockchain technology, we now have the first globally-accessible and cryptographically secure database system for securing financial information.

Finally, we can authenticate and verify product data throughout the entire object lifecycle, creating lasting trust in trade and unlocking the sunk costs of what we do not know about the things we create and consume.

Beyond simply tracking the story of an object over time, Ocuver also allows for goods to be tokenized so they can be transacted on the same global payment rails shared by cryptocurrency.

To do this, Third Millennia, helmed by William Shatner and Paul Camuso, has partnered with legal-tech firm Matterum to integrate the legal and software systems necessary to connect blockchain to the realm of real-world assets.

So how do we do this?

In partnership with sci-fi icon and Hollywood star William Shatner, Third Millennia and Mattereum are launching a series of rwaNFTs to tokenize a lifetime of cultural memorabilia attained throughout the actor’s illustrious career, from Star Trek, Boston Legal, T.J. Hooker and beyond.

Enter: the real world asset nft

A Real World asset NFT (“rAWNFt”) is a token that denotes virtual ownership of a physical good.

While similar to established NFTs, these tokens (also referred to as “Digital Twins”) are backed by an underlying physical asset paired with Mattereum’s smart contracts, enabling warranties, insurance, and legal enforceability. This provides a fundamental building block for commerce on the blockchain.

Using Mattereum’s Asset Passport technology, all of the legal and digital agreements around these goods are bundled together, signed on the blockchain and stored on IPFS. Here, an autograph is upgraded to a cryptographic proof of authenticity that can be verified for generations to come.

for consumers & Manufacturers


Distinguish counterfeit goods from genuine goods in primary markets


Retain higher value in secondary markets with authenticated items

brand loyalty

Consumer trust is secured as they will know that they are buying genuine goods and not fakes

With Real-World Asset NFTs and the ocuver authentication system, we can secure truth in trade:

democratizing ownership, unlocking billions in stranded value, and finally eliminating the fear, uncertainty, and doubt in this new frontier of digital commerce.

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